Irish Draught Horse Society of North America (IDHSNA) Pedigrees
This report has exceed the maximum number of offspring so not all offspring will be displayed.
Reverse pedigree of:
Forest Fox
RID 3799;
Registered Irish Draught Horse; Approved
RID 459; grey
Abbey Actress
Abbey Boy
Blue Peter
RID 536; grey
April Storm
RID 10419; Grey
Tullys Mist
RID 11961;
Tully's Dancer
(Mare) 03/30/2001
F0107; Chestnut
Blue Henry
744; Grey
Blue Abbey
RID 10982;
The Blarney Rose
RID 11751;
Coolrain Princess
(Stallion) 01/01/2004
MS0401636; Chestnut
Crannagh Hero
Killountain Heather
Ballybeg Hallie
(Mare) 04/16/1999
F0078; Grey
Ballycahane Lad
(Gelding) 01/01/2003
MS0302288; Grey
Curraghduff Hero
(Gelding) 01/01/1997
G80049; Grey
Orchard Hill Blue Seajay
(Mare) 01/01/2000
F0095; Grey
Saggart Hero
(Mare) 05/12/1999
PR0133; Chestnut
Valley In The Dale
(Mare) 05/01/2009
FP0902579; Bay
Duhonw Daisy
(Mare) 04/21/2000
F0097; Grey
Windfield All Sunshine
(Mare) 05/02/2008
FP0801603; Chestnut
Windfield Black Velvet
(Mare) 06/24/2012
FP1202072; Grey
Windfield Blue Heaven
(Mare) 03/30/2007
FP0701498; Grey
Windfield Flower Girl
(Mare) 03/30/2010
FP1001920; Bay
Windfield Super Cruiser
(Stallion) 05/12/2005
MS0501137; Red Bay
Kelston Last Orders
(Stallion) 06/28/2005
MP0501887; Grey
Kilpeck Saint George
(Stallion) 04/23/2000
M041; Grey

RunNeigh's Glacial BonBon
(Mare) 05/27/2008
FS0801710; Grey
Whelan Annagh Alexandria
(Mare) 05/05/2007
FP0701467; Black
Lady Susan
Eileen Dun
Roma Blue Wind
RID A/730/F/0004;
Harkaway Blues
(Mare) 04/22/2000
PR0419; Grey
Hawklands Blue Heather
RID 930/F/0009;
Roma Blue Hawk
(Mare) 04/04/1994
F0104; Grey
Roma Silver Pearl
RID 730/F/0028; Grey
Woodrow Blue Mill
(Gelding) 05/04/1992
G8017; Grey
Blue Hills
Pride of Meath
Growhowdy Jesseys Pride
372414004417708; Grey
Blue Rajah
RID 759; Grey
Loguestown Blue's Man
(Stallion) 04/29/2002
MP0201046; Bay
(Mare) 08/22/2006
FS0602624; Bay
Ballymores Riviera Blues
(Mare) 06/19/2007
FP0701543; Grey
Blue Lady of Pairadox
(Mare) 05/23/2008
FP0802321; Bay
Blues Leading Lady
(Mare) 07/09/2005
Gracey's Blue Tango
(Gelding) 03/29/2008
FS0801736; Chestnut
Real Surprise
(Mare) 06/15/2008
FS0801611; Bay
(Gelding) 05/11/2006
MS0601342; Grey
Out of the Blue
Deanfield Blue
(Mare) 03/29/1999
Touch of the Blues
(Stallion) 04/29/1987
M006; Black

AF A Dynamic Touch
(Mare) 04/23/2014
FS1402228; Grey
AF A Touch of Heart
(Mare) 05/22/2012
FS1202096; Grey
Askwith Blue Princess
Bailey's Irish Bluebelle
(Mare) 05/15/2006
FS0601341; Grey
Ballymore's Celtic Touch
(Gelding) 05/01/2009
MP0901906; Grey
Bealagh Aurum's Blues
(Mare) 07/24/2005
FP0501134; Bay
Bee's Blues
(Gelding) 06/02/1998
G80072; Grey
BenMar Bella Blue
(Mare) 05/07/2006
FP0601400; Grey
Blackfoot's Blue Banshee
(Stallion) 04/13/2000
M5021; Brown
Blue Bandit
(Mare) 05/09/1999
Blue Cailleagh
(Mare) 04/21/1999
FP9901270; Black
Blue Diamond
(Gelding) 05/05/2007
MP0702058; Black
Blue Star
(Gelding) 04/30/2001
G80114; Bay
Blue Twist
(Gelding) 05/13/2002
PR0354; Bay
Blue Virginia's Blues
(Gelding) 06/01/1999
PR0163; Grey
Blue Wiggy
(Gelding) 05/22/2002
MS0201319; Dun
Blue Willow
(Mare) 03/16/2012
FS1202056; Bay
Blue's Lyric
(Mare) 03/18/1998
F4008; Chestnut
Bonnie Blue Flag
(Mare) 03/18/1999
F0072; Chestnut
Born of the Blues
(Gelding) 02/25/2007
MS0701519; Black
Bridon Blue Diamond
(Gelding) 03/20/2000
G002; Black/Brown
Bridon Rakish Blue
(Stallion) 04/02/2008
MP0801567; Bay
Coal Town
(Gelding) 03/16/1999
G80105; Grey
Coalman's Touch
RID 1355/M/0007;
Dandelion Nora Blue
(Mare) 04/08/2002
F0130; Black
Dare To Be Blue
(Mare) 05/06/1998
F6053; Chestnut
DCF Touch of Fudge
(Stallion) 06/22/2007
MS0701663; Bay
Ebony Hill
Evening Star
(Gelding) 04/26/2002
MP0201128; Bay
Glynn's Final Justis
(Mare) 05/04/2011
FS1102031; Black
Glynn's Justified
(Gelding) 06/07/2013
MS1302357; Black
Glynn's Victory
(Mare) 04/24/2012
FS1202075; Black
Harkaway Blues
(Mare) 04/22/2000
PR0419; Grey
Indigo Art
(Mare) 05/06/2008
FS0801654; Brown
Irish Lullaby
(Mare) 06/22/2000
PR0289; Dark Bay
Ironhorse Touch of Pride
(Gelding) 05/03/2001
G004; Grey
Kellys Keeva Albreann Roisin
(Mare) 04/17/2015
FP1502259; Grey
Kleary's Blue Streak
(Mare) 05/12/2007
FP0701522; Bay
Lady Sings the Blues
(Mare) 06/02/2000
PR0215; Chestnut
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
(Mare) 07/12/1999
F0079; Black
M.F.F. Caribbean Blue
(Mare) 05/07/2002
FS0201251; Black
Mac Bradaigh's Blue Diamond
(Mare) 05/05/2010
FP1001900; Brown
Mac Bradaigh's Bruise Hill
(Mare) 04/13/2009
FP0902106; Dapple Grey
Mac Bradaigh's Oldcastle
(Mare) 04/28/2010
FP1002120; Grey
Macs Blue Erin
(Stallion) 05/26/1998
MP9801796; Grey
Mae Belle Blue
(Mare) 05/13/2003
FS0301108; Bay
Manu Forti's Azul Leon
(Gelding) 06/13/2017
MP1702378; Chestnut
Manu Forti's Blue Clover
(Stallion) 05/26/2017
MP1702382; Black
Manu Forti's Final Touch
(Stallion) 05/15/2010
MS1001934; Black
Manu Forti's Lady Alice
(Mare) 06/13/2017
FP1702377; Grey
Manu Forti's Lady Blue
(Mare) 07/17/2008
FP0801673; Grey
Manu Forti's Magic Touch
(Gelding) 05/18/2007
MP0701444; Black
Manu Forti's Midnight Blues
(Gelding) 06/17/2012
MP1202070; Black
Manu Forti's Out of The Blue
(Stallion) 05/07/2012
MP1202071; Black
Manu Forti's Perfect Touch
(Gelding) 06/02/2014
MP1402218; Black
Manu Forti's Riviera Blues
(Gelding) 06/19/2015
MP1502273; chestnut
Manu Forti's Royal Blue
(Stallion) 04/09/2012
MS1202044; Chestnut
Manu Forti's Royal Touch
(Mare) 05/19/2005
FP0501204; Grey
Manu Forti's Soft Touch
(Mare) 04/04/2010
FP1001945; Grey
Manu Forti's Touch Down
(Stallion) 05/13/2004
MP0401023; Grey
Manu Forti's Touch of Class
(Mare) 05/27/2007
FS0701445; Bay
Manu Forti's Touch of Elegance
(Mare) 06/05/2009
FS0901846; Black
Manu Forti's Touch of Justis
(Stallion) 05/06/2009
MS0901847; Black
Manu Forti's Touch of Spice
(Mare) 04/11/2009
FP0901848; Chestnut
Manu Forti's Touch Wood
(Gelding) 06/18/2007
MP0701443; Grey
Manu Forti's True Touch
(Stallion) 05/30/2013
MP1302148; Black
Manu Fortis Blue Nile
(Stallion) 05/17/2020
MP2002600; Chestnut
Manu Fortis Mr Blue Sky
(Stallion) 06/23/2018
MP1802439; Grey
Manuforti's Cool Touch
(Mare) 05/11/2006
FP0601332; Grey
Maple's Midnight Blue
(Gelding) 04/15/2002
; Grey
McGee's Summertime Blues
(Mare) 05/03/2009
FS0901837; Bay
MFF Touch of Dutch
(Mare) 04/15/2006
FS0601333; Black
MVF's Blues's Q's
(Mare) 03/28/2006
FS0601227; Dark Bay
Penmerryl's Beyond the Blue
(Gelding) 07/07/2000
MP0001144; Bay
Penmerryl's Blue Moon
(Stallion) 07/07/1999
PR0095; Bay
Penmerryl's Braveheart
(Stallion) 06/21/2000
PR0129; Bay
Penmerryl's Cool Blue
(Stallion) 06/24/1999
PR0093; Bay
Penmerryl's Groovy Blues
(Mare) 07/01/1998
F4007; Grey
Penmerryl's Maximus
(Gelding) 06/30/1998
G80041; Dark Bay
Penmerryl's Mighty Mo
(Gelding) 04/15/1999
MP9901325; Chestnut
Penmerryl's Moon Shadow
(Stallion) 06/05/2001
PR0212; Grey
Penmerryl's Out of the Blue
(Gelding) 06/09/2000
G006; Bay
Penmerryl's Rhythm and Blues
(Stallion) 04/28/1998
; Black
Penmerryl's Sampson
(Gelding) 06/07/1999
G80076; Bay
Penmerryl's Sophie
(Mare) 06/03/2000
FS0001794; Grey
Penmerryl's Sunday Blues
(Mare) 03/19/2000
F0126; Chestnut
Penmerryl's Too Blue
(Gelding) 04/21/2000
G014; Bay
Penmerryl's Vespa
(Mare) 04/15/1999
F0070; Bay
Pog mo Thoin d'Avalon
(Gelding) 05/29/2013
MS1302138; Bay
Queen of the Blues
(Stallion) 04/27/1998
PR0100; Bay
Roadside True Blue
Seattle Blues
(Stallion) 05/23/2006
MS0501389; Black
SSF Touch Gold
(Mare) 03/14/2010
FP1001946; Grey
Stonington Blues
(Gelding) 05/09/1999
PR0097; Bay
Sulgrave's Touch of Luck
(Gelding) 06/15/2001
G80095; Dark Brown/Black
Taproot Memphis Blues
(Gelding) 05/28/2013
MS1302245; Bay
TGS Sunshine and Blue Skies
(Mare) 04/06/2013
FP1302153; Black
Tiger Blue
(Gelding) 03/03/2001
MS0101159; Dark Bay
Touch of Silver
(Gelding) 04/30/2006
MP0601357; Grey
Touch of Starlight
(Mare) 05/29/2012
FP1202142; Black
Touch of The Guinness Blues
(Gelding) 05/01/2007
MS0702132; Black
Whispering Gaelic Farm's Lite Touch
(Mare) 04/15/2010
FS1001899; Bay
Whispering Gaelic Farms Blue Airgead
(Gelding) 04/11/2011
MS1101968; Bay
Windfield Blue Heather
(Mare) 05/28/2003
FP0301182; Chestnut
Windfield Touch of Gold
(Stallion) 05/06/2007
MP0701500; Chestnut
Blue Sunset
RID 10443;
RID 10963;
Hello Paddy
(Stallion) 05/08/1996
M017; Grey
Creggan Rose
RID 10541;
Golden Rose
(Mare) 04/29/1990
F0026; Chestnut
Sea Blue Beauty
(Mare) 05/15/1992
F0064; Grey
Culleens Star
Golden Easkey Star
Queen Culleen
Curragh Princess
RID 10447;
Emo Princess
Garrindruig Mol
Morrighan's Maiden
(Mare) 04/27/1997
RID 11096;
RID 11873;
Flag of Diamonds
(Stallion) 05/23/2000
M038; Grey
May Queen 2
RID 9248;
Colman's Gift
RID 10667;
Fintan Himself
RID/2878/M/0003; Grey
May Queen II
RID 9248;
Tempting Touch
(Mare) 05/13/1991
F0025; Grey

(Mare) 02/17/1998
F0117; Grey
Dancer's Irish Touch
(Gelding) 06/18/2004
MS0401136; Grey
Loyal Touch
(Gelding) 05/01/2002
PR0398; Grey
Mill Hollow Queen
Mrs. Thatcher
RID 9439; Grey
Maggie's Last
(Mare) 05/10/1991
F0031; Grey
Crowndale's Pride of Erin
(Mare) 03/04/2006
FP0601255; Grey
It's the Luck of the Irish
(Stallion) 06/05/1996
M011; Grey
Maggie's Irish Rebel
(Stallion) 04/09/2005
MP0501242; Grey
Oscar Wilde Diamond
(Stallion) 04/04/2002
PR0259; Grey
The Thatcherite
RID 10836; Grey
Suma's Poll Tax
(Mare) 04/11/1991
F0041; Grey
Silver Queen
RID 7880; grey
Ben Calverstown
RID 832; grey
Calverstown Queen
(Mare) 08/02/1996
F0050; Black
Darcy Dancer
; Grey
Askwith May Queen
AID B/058/F/0003;
Elmhurst Silver Sally
Suma's Wendy
RID 10425;
Sumas Keepsake
(Mare) 06/30/1985
F0014; Grey
Abbeyleix Heirloom
(Mare) 04/17/1998
Abbeyleix Keepsake Pearl
(Mare) 07/20/1999
PR0101; Grey
Ironhorse Adirondack
(Stallion) 05/25/2002
PR0307; Grey
Ironhorse Danny Boy
(Gelding) 04/27/2005
MP0501645; Bay
Ironhorse Touch of Pride
(Gelding) 05/03/2001
G004; Grey
Keepsake's Cleasaiocht
(Mare) 06/13/2008
FP0801591; Grey
Keepsake's Platinum Touch
(Mare) 06/04/2010
FP1001948; Grey
Sumas Blue Heaven
The Bard
(Gelding) 01/01/1994
MS9401524; Grey
RID 10426;
Huntingfield Rebel
RID 836; Grey
Abbeyleix Heirloom
(Mare) 04/17/1998
Lackagh Rebel
(Mare) 05/29/1995
FP9501746; Grey
Peek A Boo ICU
(Mare) 05/13/1999
FS9901786; Roan
Kilcolman Lass
Heather Breeze
RID 698; Grey
Loch Lein
Flag Lein
RID 10874;
Killountain Heather
A Light Breeze
RID 11877;
Macha Breeze
(Stallion) 03/26/1998
M030; Grey
Baltydaniel Breeze
RID/7042/M/0001; Grey
Uibh Fhori Breeze
(Mare) 04/22/2005
FP0501441; Grey
Wind Frost
(Mare) 04/06/2018
FP1802435; Grey
Blueberry Air
(Gelding) 01/01/1991
G8001; Grey/roan
Castleoliver Gusty
(Mare) 05/06/1990
F0057; Grey
Bridon Broganeer
(Gelding) 04/28/2002
MP0201617; Grey
Bridon Mr. Brightside
(Gelding) 05/14/2006
MP0601313; Grey
Bridon Summer Breeze
(Mare) 04/26/2003
FP0301111; Grey
Bridon Wind Song
(Mare) 05/08/2005
FP0501084; Grey
Cork Arthur
Arthurs Gold
Cool Blonde
(Mare) 04/28/1995
Cork Lady
(Mare) 01/01/1993
F0029; Dun
Heathercombe Calico
(Stallion) 05/22/2006
MP0601767; Dun
Regalia Prince Arthur
(Stallion) 05/19/2005
MP0501353; Dun
Tynagh Breeze
Si Gaoithe
Kilhenny Lass
RID 5890;
Loch Lein
Flag Lein
RID 10874;
Flag Rose
(Mare) 01/01/1994
F0121; Chestnut
Killountain Heather
Killountain Cross